Monet Events and Weddings are experts in event management and specialist wedding planners. We offer the perfect combination of meticulous event planning, know-how and creative flair.

Our approach is always highly professional and personal. We believe that our passion, inspiration and understanding radiates through each event that we organise. Here’s an insight into the hows and whys of the way we work.  

Listening and learning
It’s your event, so nothing could be more important than hearing what you have to say. We ask that you initially give us your time to share your ideas, priorities and needs and to explore the options. Our dedicated team plans every event with precision, delivering the support you need, providing regular updates and working in partnership with you to produce first class, creative solutions within budget.

Thinking outside the box, so you can tick it
You’ll want your event to stand out, to be unique and maybe even break the mould. The Monet Events and Weddings team is imaginative and well-connected. We are experts at pushing the boundaries, developing new and creative approaches where required and delivering you an impressive event, which ticks all the right boxes to your credit.

Embracing the challenges – whenever they may appear
At Monet Events, we understand that things change - so we’re ready and waiting to react swiftly and positively whatever the request. We won’t be phased by shifting requirements and on the day of the event, we’ll always have a plan B in our back pocket. What’s more, we can be on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly, leaving you to concentrate on the gathered company and to enjoy the event itself.

Building relationships that last
Strong relationships with both our clients and suppliers are fundamental to the delivery of first class service. We work with you and will act as part of your team, updating you on event progress and offering advice every step of the way.

Relieving stress
Events can represent a lot of extra work and stress. Rely on us to minimise the impact and take things in hand. We’ll not only remove any extra demands and reduce your workload, but you can count on us throughout to support you and provide appropriate solutions to difficult situations.

Keeping a beady-eye on budgets
It can be all too easy to lose sight of the bottom line when tempting options start to line up and pull your attention in different directions. That’s why we keep things clear, itemised and remain mindful of your budget at all times.

At Monet Events and Weddings, we are there to keep the ent planning on track as well as in budget. All our initial proposals present costs for core, essential items separate to other recommendations which we feel could make your event truly special. We have a fine reputation for proposing highly cost-effective solutions and working to re-evaluate best options when requirements change along the way.

Going that extra mile
Sorry, it’s a bit of a cliché and we think nothing of it – but our clients do. In fact, they have a habit of mentioning it again and again.

From negotiating the best events deals and making everything happen behind the scenes to being the calm and confident face of your organisation upfront at your event, we are determined to deliver the very best service.