Weddings: What a godsend!


Friends, family, photographers. Invitations, decorations, procrastinations. Decisions, diplomacy and more decisions. Sometimes a wedding can become all rather daunting and distinctly stressful for all the wrong reasons. Planning her marriage to Yemi, Elizabeth soon found that there was little point in losing sleep through worrying over wedding things – or at least not when Steph from Monet Weddings was only a phone call away.       

Positively amazing professional support

“I was completely overwhelmed at the process of planning a wedding for 450 people, but it was made so much easier having Steph on our side.

“She handled the process with complete professionalism - not once was she ever phased by the overwhelming culture or the number of people. One of the amazing things about Steph was that she was always there to deal with my crazy questions, no matter what time of day it was too. Safe to say, she always had a solution to problems... and there were a few of those along the way! “

Creativity you can count on

“I was especially impressed when Steph took on the decorating of the venue. Everything was coming in too expensive, so I needed help on making the best choices and keeping spending under control.

“Even now, I keep being told by friends and family, that when the doors were opened that day, everyone was in awe of how beautiful the place looked. One of our guests even wrote to say what an ‘amazing job’ Monet Events did and how it was ‘so beautifully decorated’. This is just one example of Steph from Monet Weddings going beyond the call of duty. “

We just clicked

“One of the really positive things was that Steph took time to talk us through all the different elements, explain the process and above all to understand what we were really looking for.

As a result, we (and our guests) loved the photographers she helped us select.  The wedding invites which we worked on together were soooo beautiful too! I wouldn't have made it through the process without Steph and I would recommend her to the world." 



Weddings: What a godsend!

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