Weddings: Focus on Fun for Everyone


As a long established couple, Paul and Sharon from Richmond found they had no desire for a big entourage and no wish to burden mums with responsibilities in the planning of their special day. All the decisions could be theirs; all the choices their own. Sounds exciting? Enjoyable? Yes. But with both partners leading busy lives in demanding careers, the constant road trip of decisions soon proved to be a less than appealing challenge. Three months in, Paul noticed how the heavy load created by needing to meet expectations was outweighing the fun which bride-to-be Sharon was supposed to be having. He could see his very able partner feeling immense pressure from making decisions and frustration was taking hold. But when Sharon followed a friend’s recommendation to meet with Steph from Monet Weddings, they soon discovered the sounding board and support they both needed to make their wedding dreams a reality.

Operations Director, Paul, was delighted how Steph and the Monet Events team not only put the fun back into the event organisation and helped to make the day full of fun too, but how they sensitively acted as facilitators to ensure that everyone was cared for and included along the way:

A very welcome smile

“I really impressed by Steph the first time I met her. Sharon had already had a couple of chats with her over coffee and I could tell that they had quickly developed a great rapport. She could clearly visualise things and understood where we were at with our ideas and plans. She always had a genuine smile on her face and had plenty of ideas to share, but never came over as precious. I liked the way that she worked with her own suppliers, but she was equally open to suggesting alternatives. We certainly never had any disagreements and she was hard-working and flexible in her approach.

Doing things differently

“Most of the decision-making was focussed on getting things right for our guests. We wanted things to be a bit different – Sharon was the first to admit that she was not a traditional bride! We had some particular ideas to remove the formality from the day: there was to be no best man, no ‘giving away’, and we wanted to keep a gentle, not clichéd, 1950s theme throughout. Steph took all our requirements in her stride and came up with creative solutions to accommodate them. At the venue she helped us to see how we could best use the space to achieve the inclusive atmosphere we wanted and she helped to bring together designing and styling ideas, using email and Pinterest so we had pictures and mood boards to share. That was really effective, giving us both a way we could feed-back on everything. She delivered on ideas we had to help our guests to interact and feel connected, such as creating the picture wall which proved a real success on the day – I just don’t know if we would have managed to bring it to life, with everything else there was to do.  “Sharon met Steph at least once a month with regular emails or calls in between, meeting up to move things on and visit potential suppliers such as florists. We felt every confidence in her to just let her get on with instructing suppliers once initial decisions had been made.

“It was a very positive experience and Steph seemed to be just the support and sounding board we both needed. It was a relief to see Sharon getting back to actually enjoying our wedding planning again and when my mother became extremely ill just before the wedding, it allowed me the extra time to concentrate on her – particularly with the peace of mind that Sharon was still really well supported.       

One bridge for all the gaps

“On the day, my 90 year old mother was able to join us at our wedding – via her very first face-time call. Without any hesitation, Steph was on board and on hand on the day with a spare phone, charger and wifi code, simply everything to ensure that it happened according to plan. She kept an eye on the rings – placed in the care of my two sons who flew in from The Netherlands. She ensured that our band, who were also our friends, were there to perform when they were supposed to be, she kept things with them on a professional footing so everything went to plan without us feeling uncomfortable about asking them to do things.  

“Do you know, I was quite nervous at the wedding and it was so reassuring with Steph and Jen at the venue to keep everything going to plan. They seemed to bridge any gaps before they were even there – perhaps we’ll never know what they sorted out beyond what we noticed.  

They worked so hard for us that day - the service we received on the wedding day was worth the fee on its own. In fact, you could say it was as spot on as were the on-theme polka dot dresses they arrived in!  


Weddings: Focus on Fun for Everyone