Monet Events & Weddings is a highly experienced team whose ultimate focus and passion are the creation and delivery of exceptional events and weddings. 

Established in 2012, our small and friendly team can truly comprehend your needs and offer a perfectly tailored service that’s not only professional, but distinctly personal too. We understand just how important your event is and can make it totally unique, through our dedicated service which always aims to create events to exceed expectations. 

Many of our Monet events and weddings take place in London and Essex, around Suffolk or the South East or across the UK. Wherever we find ourselves, we have a reputation for going the extra mile, whether that’s providing additional marketing support or designing aspects of wedding stationery. And as well as managing the process and logistics of events, our team can provide a venue design service so your event or wedding is sure to impress you and your guests and leave everyone in awe.

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Let us create your masterpiece

At first glance, Monet Events & Weddings might seem a bit of a broad brushstroke - especially as we are active in both the corporate and wedding world.  But one thing events have in common is the intention to create a memorable occasion – one which brings people together for reasons that matter.

Every event starts from a blank canvas

The potential composition, colours and content of the event you’d like painted might be already clearly set out in front of you, or perhaps hidden somewhere in the mind’s eye. But with our expertise and understanding, plus the addition of some creative flair and with the right dose of dedication, application and attention to detail, even the sketch of an idea can be crafted into the most breath-taking masterpiece. Like every great work of art, a masterpiece engenders the deepest of feelings and creates great lasting impressions.

Monet - Turning each event into a masterpiece

Our meticulous approach and amazing eye for detail are suited to all occasions. Its palette of ideas and techniques can be applied to colour things to perfection, whether formal or romantic. Not only will we always keep you in the picture, our style and personal service have to be unique as well as genuine, appropriately subtle and simply spot on.

Fancy putting things in perspective? Why not bring a whole new dimension to your event with Monet Events & Weddings?

We look forward to your call.